Saturday, November 5, 2016

Seven Knight Heroes Information

1. Seven Knight Rudy
Rudy and Kris were inseparable until the Throne of Light came between them and their friendship. Rudy now guards Terra from Kris. As the long-standing protector of Mystic Woods, Rudy was acknowledged as the Ultimate Guardian by many

2. Seven Knight Eileene
Regardless of race or gender, power determines everything In the Silent Mine. That is how Eileene came into power. Eileene then became the Empress of Fodina because of her supreme commandeering skills and power. Her plan to expand Silent Mine is ready to be executed.

3. Seven Knight Rachel
Rachel is the eldest daughter of the Royal Agni Family. Rachel's graceful disposition masks the powerful fire spirit inside. She became the Fiery Empress of Blazing Desert by learning to control the flames. After rising to the throne as Empress of Blazing Desert, she gave herself the title of Phoenix Incarnate.

4. Seven Knight Dellons
Dellons completed his transformation into a Grim Reaper, killing everything and everyone on sight in Dark Grave. He regained his sanity and went on to become ruler of the unclaimed Dark Grave. All of the Undead are now at his command.

5. Seven Knight Jave
Jave was abandoned in Dragon Ruins not knowing who his parents were. There, he grew up under the protection of the guardian. Jave learned how to use magic and speak the Human language from his guardian patron. He then protected Dragon Ruins alongside other dragons. Jave later became the Dragon Patron and rose to rule Dragon Ruins after a long period of time.

6. Seven Knight Spike
Unconfirmed rumors say Spike is the son of Queen Lania. His bitter cold heart allows him to use powerful Ice Magic as a Berserker. Spike then became the Ice Judge of Frozen Land by unleashing his savage berserker skills. He later became a self-made tyrant with plans to immerse the world in the bitter cold.

7. Seven Knight Kris
Kris used to be a Knight of Light with Rudy. However, after he lost the Throne of Light to Rudy, he went over to to the dark side to get his revenge. The dark side did not consume Kris. Instead, he absorbed the dark power and made it his own. Demons call him "Kris the Black-hearted." Kris the Black-hearted became Lord of the Underworld. Now, he is preparing to invade Terra.

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