Sunday, November 6, 2016

Seven Knights Regular Heroes Information Part 7

1. Pascal
One of the wielders of the 5 Fragments of Destruction in Aisha, Pascal was a key figure that united Aisha by destroying all of these Fragments.
After the unification of Aisha, Pascal elected Four Lords to watch over the land. There are rumors that he changed after meeting Bai Jiao due to a spell.

2. Jake
Originally a stonemason, he used to craft rocks with his fists. He became famous for his peculiar method of crafting rocks.
They call him the Living Stone because of his solid build and size but also because his stone statues look alive.
He was even considered for one of the positions of the Four Lords. However, he was more excited to be discovered by a lord who appreciated his art more than anything else/

3. Bai Jiao
A smart young man who became a Counselor at a young age. His strong interest in dark magic drove other people away from him.
His extraordinary knowledge lead him to become the Senior Counselor of the Emperor. Bai Jiao himself believes his promotion was due to his dark magic.
When he became the Head Counselor of the Emperor, there were rumors that said he brainwashed the emperor with his dark magic.

4. Lina
Lina is a descendant of the legendary Yin-Yang Master Cheong Myung. She has a superb understanding of Yin-Yang and is savvy with musical instruments. Lina believes that a great musical performance has the capability of moving all creation. Her moving performance earned her the title of Sonar Exorcist during her adventure.
Lina then discovered a new method to performing music and awakened a new Yin-Yang philosophy. Deemed a worthy descendant of Cheong Myung, she was later given the title of Legendary Muse.

5. Asura
In the ancient secret religious sect, the one who could tame the genie, Sagacious Vision, was called Asura.
As the emperor attempted unification, the religion's existence was discovered and everyone but Asura was slaughtered. She was protected by her genie.
After the unification, she was trained in the imperial palace and now only follows her emperor's commands

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