Sunday, November 6, 2016

Seven Knights Regular Heroes Information Part 3

1. Karon
Karon, a Druid appointed with the task of taking care of the Mothertree, the largest tree in Mystic Woods. He might come across as priggish, but he's only abiding by the laws of nature. His unparalleled love for Mystic Woods helped him become an elite Elementalist. Karon later developed into a Master Elementalist, ruling over Mystic Woods and its fairies.

2. Victoria
Victoria is the daughter of the fearful Pirate King. It was only natural that she became a pirate herself since she grew up closely observing her father. As she grew up, she honed her sword and gun skills to protect herself from bounty hunters. Taking over her father's role as the Pirate King, she eventually solidified her place at the helm by getting stronger.

3. Lucy
Lucy's lively character is highlighted by her talent in dancing, capable of many shamanic rituals. Lucy achieved mastery over spiritual powers as she comforted many lost souls. These days, people address her as the Mystical Dancer because of her rare skill.

4. Velika
Velika is a haughty Dark Mage who rivals Ariel and studies Dark Magic. Dark Mages are a low ranking class that worship the demons. However, Velika managed to become a Dark Judge, one of the highest ranks in the Underworld. While on an adventure to punish those who follow the way of the Light, she came across a Mage's stone that enhances her Dark Magic.

5. Sylvia
Sylvia had the peculiar ability to see spirits ever since she was young. She was called a sorceress because she learned how to control the spirits as well. When Sylvia went on her quest to gather more knowledge, she absorbed a dark spirit in Dark Grave. Later, she received the nickname of Spirit Sorceress while on her quest.

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