Saturday, November 5, 2016

4 Lords Information

1. Four Lords Rin
A girl of noble lineage from the Endless Ramparts, with no distinct characteristicss other than her affinity with dragons but the emperor adopted her for this trait.
She entered the palace with her dragon, Mir. Due to this, the people of the palace nicknamed her as Mir's Master.
Mir once quietly left the palace for 100 days. When it returned, the dragon grew to become the king of all its kind.

2. Four Lords Ace
After his parents passed away, he became lord of his home. Ace received the Leader's Sword, a family heirloom that leaves untreatable wounds. After getting used to his position, he gathered his army to protect his territory and became the Great General. One time in combat he was knocked out, but the moment he was about to be cut in half, his enemy was felled. Rumor has it he heard the voice of his sword and became its true owner.

3. Four Lords Sun Wu Kong
A sonte monkey born in the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit. Born with a tough body, he was able to dominate other living beings on the mountain and rose to the throne.

He was such a troublemaker that the Jade Emperor made him Keeper of the Cloud Horses to keep him occupied. When he learned that his duty was a farce, he caused more trouble. Instead, he told to guard the peaches in Heavenly Garden.

His mischief caused him to be loced away, but Xuanzang the monk rescued him. He joined the monk in his journey and was recognised for his accomplishments, eventually earning the Buddhahood.

4. Four Lords Lu Bu
An orphan who resorted to stealing and fighting in order to survice. One day, he was discovered by a government official who drafted him into the army.

When he learned that the officials he served would fequently exploit the citizens, he swiftly brought justice upon the corrupt officials.

When the rumors of his greatness spread, he found himself having to defend himself against other generals in front of the emporer. He came out of the battles undefeated and was named Invincible by the emperor.

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