Sunday, November 6, 2016

Seven Knights Regular Heroes Information Part 2

1. Jupy
Jupy learned archery from her father. Shooting well for her age, she discovered she had eyes like a hawk as she gained more experience. Now, she can shoot a target dead between the eyes even from a long distance. Her friend Snipper the Beast Hunter later gave her the nickname "Piercing Arrow Jupy."

7. Hellenia
Hellenia is one of the Valkyries who guard the Celestial World. Her Flame Shield is an indication of her high defense. She headed for earth in search of her missing twin sister. Although her search for her sister was exhausting, she became more powerful day by day. After finding her sister, she spent her days teaching her sister and waits for the day she can return. Later, the gods rewarded her a Celestial Shield for winning a war. And now she is a trusted Valkyrie among her allies due to her kindness and superb fighting skills.

3. Heavenia
As Hellenia's younger sister, people took notice when Heavenia joined the Valkyries. She worries though because although she trains hard, she isn't improving as fast as she would like but her sharp swordsmanship slices like frostbite. She went missing after a huge explosion swept her down to earth during the war. Later, Rudy found her and while being treated by Rudy, her twin sister came to rescue her. Now, she grows stronger under her twin sister's training.

4. Snipper
Snipper is a boy who respects his father and wants to be a great hunter. No one taught him how, but he practices shooting by himself. He was originally living in Frozen Land until his family was killed by a pack of beasts. He vowed to take revenge and then he became a hunter. Snipper didn’t settle for his already sharp sniping skills and continued to train. He shows true potential as a hunter of beasts. Snipper then succeeded in his hunt for Kai the infamous Saber Tiger. This lead to all of the hunters addressing Snipper as the Veteran Hunter.

5. Ariel
Ariel is a cute girl who knows how to use powerful Light magic. She is the younger sister of Rudy, the guardian of Terra. Her role is to bless anyone who serves the way of the Light while traveling to different regions. "Blessings unto those who serve the Light!"

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