Sunday, November 6, 2016

Seven Knight Regular Heroes Information Part 1

1. Evan
Son of the Guardian Commander of Mystic Woods. He went on an adventure with Karin to experience new things. During this adventure, his swordsmanship and leadership upgraded. He received the title of Commander from Rudy because of his contribution to defend Mystic Woods from Knox. As he prepared to leave for his expedition, he learned that Terra was nunder threat of attack from Lich Bane and Kris. He was then given the title of Imperator

2. Karin
Karin lost her family during the Goblin raids. With Evan's help, Karin was able to survive. Now they travel together. She learned a powerful healing magic as she gained experience during her adventure with Evan, now teaching that healing magic to the young mages of Terra. Rudy called for Karin's help when he found a wounded lady who fell from the sky and Karin's miraculous healing powers brought her back to life. As Karin left the school to come to the aid of those who need her healing, people began to call her Saint Karin.

3. Yuri
Yuri returned from her adventure as the strongest among all three-tailed foxes. She successfully defeated Leo, a violent maniac. She then joined the Evan Expedition in an effort to stop Bane and Kris's coalition and she now seems very happy to be reunited with Evan again.

4. Li
Golden Nation monks train rigorously, living under strict regulations and rules. Li was one of the elite Golden Nation monks due to his strong will, effort, and natural talent. He then set out on an adventure to hone his skills. When Li came back from his adventure, Golden Nation was in chaos after being raided by the demons. Furious, Li forsook his training to get revenge.

5. Yui
As the daughter of a troubadour, Yui loves to daydream. She often loses her way because of it, but she has a lot of talent as a trobairitz. Yui was able to establish herself as a true trobairitz with her ability to express her feelings through song. Although being young, she is recognized as a great prodigy as evidenced by her incredible skills, revered by all troubadours as a Maestro.

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