Sunday, November 6, 2016

Seven Knights Regular Heroes Information Part 4

1. Rook
A member of the Castle Guard. His only interest is to guard the castle so his fellow members jokingly call him the Guard Golem. He was promoted to the Royal Garrison for being dutiful. However, he continues to be humble and focuses solely on his missions. Eventually, he was promoted to the Royal Guard at Chancellor's recommendation. As he always had the skill to become a Royal Guard, no one opposed his appointment.

2. Chancellor
He originally became a knight out of respect for Knox, but when Knox become corrupted, his respect turned to loathing and he vowed to become a true knight. He met Rook for the first time while he was the Royal Garrison Leader. Inspired by Rook's devotion to the Knighthood, Chancellor vowed to train even harder. He later once singlehandedly captured all the spies that infiltrated the castle to become the Royal Guard Leader. Till this day, the captured spies are still haunted by the sight of Chancellor laughing as he took them all down.

3. Joker
No one knows where the Joker came from. He travels around the world performing magic shows, sometimes performing at the royal parties. He utilizes his phantom double to swindle people in the gambling den and he also manages to escape the dark forces that are after him. He acquired his ability to control phantoms by paying a handsome fee to Velika during a dark magic experiment. Now, he is able to visualize and give shape to his phantoms.

4. May
"Hi, I'm May the postal worker! I love two things: the night sky and JOKER! I really dislike like fish. Ah, this night reminds me of Joker~! Swift and accurate! My bullet will... Er, I will deliver your goods like a bullet! Heh. I deliver everyone's love letters every day, but I can't send my own. Where are you, Joker?"

5. Alice
She has a huge inventory of quality items for low prices. Just one question… where did all this come from? - Evan

I'm worried about my money-obsessed sister. She needs to enjoy life more. - Erin, Alice's younger sister

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