Sunday, November 6, 2016

Seven Knights Regular Heroes Information Part 5

1. Aragon
Originally from the special forces, Aragon completed various dangerous missions successfully. His recognition earned him the title Commander.

I have appointed Aragon as the Imperator to take over when I am not around. Nobody objected. It was a great choice. - Rudy

2. Ming Ming
Ling Ling's mom found him unconscious in front of Ling Ling's home. Ming Ming is thought to be the child of luck.

One day, Ming Ming was found crying due to the drought. The very next day, the drought ended and the crops began to grow again.
He sometimes goes out to the fields on his own to remnisce, but sometimes it feels like he can communicate with the plants

3. Xiao
Hello, my name is Xiao, also known as No. 23. I am hopscotch zombie who obeys the commands of my master. Fighting is scary and hard, but I cannot run away.

Master wanted to revive someone. Someone that master loved passed away on the battlefield. To prevent this sandess from recurring, I made the suggestion to create immortal soldiers.

My master died. Somehow I feel a bit saddened. but as long as this talisman is still attached to me, I will move according to my master's wishes.

4. Jane
Jane is a member of the Shadow Clan. Her specialty is Tier 3 assassinations and she considers the Dark Elf Twins as her rivals. Seamlessly slipping into her role as an assassin, she silently elimimates her targets. She completes Tier 1 assassinations flawlessly, a difficult task even for the highest ranks of the Shadow Clan.

5. Black Rose
She entered this world through a mysterious rift. A spy from another world, she silently collects intel on this world.

Although she was adjusting to life in this world, she was still looking for a way home. However, when the Shadow Clan gave her an offer, she accepted.

She quickly rose through the ranks and became one of the top clan members. The way she mercilessly carries out her missions is quite a sight to behold.

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